A double award winning newspaper, Vision is specialized in bespoke content for the Caribbean Diaspora, with articles that are designed to bridge the gap between home and the UK and to keep the readers informed of what is currently happening on the islands.

Vision has quickly made its mark as a must read. Testimony to this is that Vision won the DIA (Dancehall Industry Award) for Best Community Newspaper in 2011 and the BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Award) for Best Community Newspaper in 2012.

Vision is a compelling, lively and engaging newspaper covering topics including: local community news, entertainment, politics, fashion and arts & culture. Vision provides coverage missed in mainstream media, delivering gutsy insightful features that resonate directly with its readers. Todayʼs editorial has an edgy, urban and contemporary feel, publishing a monthly mix of entertainment stories and advertorial campaigns.

Since February 2013 Vision newspaper is available in Canada as well. The debut in Canada was a big success, especially in the greater Toronto area (GTA) where Vision is being distributed in over 700 outlets throughout the city and suburbs. With the presence in Toronto, Vision has reached a major milestone: spreading the news to an even wider audience.

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