Vision’s top songs for mothers day

12th May is Mothers Day in the Caribbean! 
We have chosen some of our favourite songs honouring Mama!
The songs tell the stories of how much a mother means to an individual, how important her advise is, how wonderful it is to have her around and also how much pain it causes to loose a mother. 

Clancy Eccles – What Will Your Mama Say (1967) 

“What will your mama say, girl/ When she finds out that we’re in love”

Heptones – Mama Say (1976) 

“Mama say/ son, I ain’t got no food today”

Jacob Miller – Discipline Child (197?)

“Oh mama I wish you were around/ to see how they track me down”

Garnet Silk – Mama (1987/8)

“Oh mama I love you true/ and I know you love me too”

Baby Wayne – Mama (1992)  

“Mama, come check mi regular/ bring mi toothpaste, mi soap and nah left mi dinna”

Merciless – Mama Cooking (1996)  

“I will always be thankful and always be true/ for all the things mama taught me to do”

Sizzla – Thank You Mama (2003) 

” Thank you mama for the nine month you carry mi”

Lady Saw – Dedicated To Mama (2004) 

“Mama I love even though you nah here with me”

Jah Cure – This Is For You Mama (2008) 

“This one is for you mum/ been through the struggle you one”

Droop Lion –  Mama Soon Come (2009)

“Mama say she soon come back/ and all now she nah come back”

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