Vysionear: Is he the next big thing?

Clean and positive music offers a longevity that is appreciated by many. Paired with an excellent voice and meaningful lyrics, it contains all the ingredients needed to get to the top.

Vysionear is a young artist who has the whole package. Although he has been recording for the last couple of years now, he only recently landed himself a deal with Digital B. Run by the legendary producer Bobby Digital who worked with greats like Shabba Ranks, Cocoa Tea, Shaggy and Buju Banton. “I always took music serious but to get the opportunity to meet the right people is very hard. That’s when New Youth came in who started managing me. It was New Youth who gave me the link to Bobby Digital too.

When I first went to the studio Bobby Digital wanted me to perform live rather than just handing in a CD. That’s what I always wanted, I prefer this so much more to people just listening to my CD. When I sang live people cried tears that day. From then they didn’t want me to leave, I got my permanent stay at Digital B studio.”

For a young artist Vysionear is already in very good hands, after all a producer like that would not settle for second-best.vysionear

Vysionear is a very keen and skilled artist who takes his craft seriously and has moved from St. Elizabeth to Kingston since working with Bobby Digital on his EP album ‘Life Design’. “The only focus is the work. I have my life devoted to music, once I’m not sleeping I do music.”

And he does it well. His lyrics are skilfully crafted and give an understanding of his frame of mind. “My lyrics are an inspiration that comes naturally. I don’t write music, Jah writes the music and forwards it to I and I. As for my songs; I want the people to have the redemption of my redemption and feel connected to the music.”


Listen to his song: ‘Lonely Road’ on our webpage.


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