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Wendy’s legacy lives on through ‘reDressed’

January 26, 2021 | Vision Newspaper |

Newark, NJ (Sonique Solutions) – On December 11th 2020, the world lost Wendy Wiltshire. Wendy who was described as a true force of nature led a life of philanthropy and in one of her final acts of benevolence she donated her entire wardrobe to ‘reDressed’ an advocacy program dedicated to providing clothing to domestic abuse survivors.


Confident, driven and empathetic are just a few words which illustrate Wendy’s general demeanour. This Trinidad &Tobago-born corporate professional, event planner and world traveller was passionate about bringing joy and creating unparalleled and unforgettable experiences for others, so it’s only fitting that in her passing her legacy continues through aiding domestic abuse survivors via this considerable clothing contribution to reDressed.


reDressed was founded by Wendy’s sister Diane ‘Fury’ Wiltshire who is a domestic abuse survivor. The charitable organization partners with programs, agencies, shelters and safe houses to provide clothing in an effort to not only meet and fulfil this practical need for those survivors who, through necessity have fled without apparel but also to restore through clothing the eroded and damaged self-esteem of the survivor. Wendy served on the organization’s board as Secretary and Treasurer and helped to develop and drive its mission. 


Fury shared, “As a domestic abuse survivor, Wendy knew how important confronting the trauma of my abuse is to me and championed any way we could make a difference to survivors. 

My sister, throughout her life was quite philanthropic, so opting to have that legacy transcend her death was natural. Therefore, as her final act as a board member, she asked that her clothing be donated to an agency of our choice. This, she hoped, would not only bless quite a few survivors, but would solidify her support of and belief in the work we started together.”


Due to Wendy’s work in the corporate arena, frequent international travels, residencies in various countries & climates and involvement in the boutique Dressed Up owned by her sister Diane, her wardrobe donation is quite extensive, eclectic and fashionable with options for all seasons.


As hard as it may be to carry on after sustaining such a loss, Fury and the other board members of reDressed which include Adanna Demmin-Griffith and Caribbean fashion icon Meiling are determined to continue Wendy’s legacy by fulfilling the organization’s purpose and mission. 

In addition, Fury intends to propose to her board members her desire to expand its support to the fight against breast cancer, in honour of her sister Wendy.


In the fight against domestic violence, however, Fury stated, “Unfortunately, there are even more domestic abuse victims now due to the pandemic than when we started, so the need for shoes and clothing is even greater. We intend to help fill that need. I would love if anyone, when decluttering, would donate their clothing instead of throwing it away. And, if they cannot get it to us, take it to a Domestic Violence agency (or any agency that has need) and donate in Wendy’s honour.”

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