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“When Will Leaders Lead” Mia Mottley PM Of Barbados

Barbados PM Mia Mottley

Barbados PM Mia Mottley

November 1, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The currently being held COP event in Glasgow, Scotland is a climate change conference which is intended to bring world leaders of large and small states together with a view to coming up with ideas and commitments to reduce carbon emissions to 1.5 percent.  Some $100 billion dollars has been pledged to assist mainly small developing states to work on alternatives as fossil fuels is being phased out.  For example: Sun and wind sources are being developed to replace fossil fuels. This costs a lot of money to switch to these alternatives.

” The Conference Of Parties (COP) as the conference is being dubbed is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.  With the  theme labeled “

” Code red, code red to the G7 countries.. and code red, code red, code red to the G 20 countries, when will leaders lead”

So stated the Barbadian prime minister.


Significant absentees from the COP 26 climate change conference are China and Russia. They are big users of energy and have huge carbon footprints. Coal is mined by these two large nations which is an integral part of their energy mix.

This is how the Barbadian prime minister spoke as she addressed the COP 26 Climate reduction conference being held in Glasgow, Scotland which started today November I, 2021. PM Mottley has chided absentees who are noticeably absent from this climate conference. She was most effective as she was in dramatic style. The conference participants responded to Mottley with thunderous applause.

PM Andrew Holness

As world leaders meet in Glasgow, for COP 26.  Jamaica’s Andrew Holness who is the nation’s PM said in a nutshell as he addressed the conference on the he opening day :

“Action Now” We must all act responsibly, anyone of us who is not safe, none of us are safe. The Covid pandemic has demonstrated that the world can move with urgency if it wishes.”

The Jamaican PM was most strident as he addressed COP 26 in Glasgow today November 1, 2021.

Climate reduction commitments are not being met and there are reports that large pollutants are cheating on their climate reduction commitment figures.

Some 120 world leaders are meeting in Glasgow, Scotland from November I, to 4, 2021.  This climate conference is being hosted by Britain and is being held in Glasgow, Scotland. As stated above, some 120 world leaders are gathered in Scotland. These leaders are from an estimated 80 percent of rain forrests worldwide.

Antigua’s Gaston Brown

The PM of Antigua has called on world leaders to compensate small island states for damage done when flooding and other environmental disasters occur as a result of their poor environmental practices, like deforestation.


In Paris the plan achieved then was a breakthrough. For the first time there was a commitment to tackle the climate issue.  This was referred to as the “Paris Accord”.  Then there was the “Quoto Agreement” on greenhouse gas emissions.

We need a 7 percent reduction up to 2030. In 2020 due to restrictions in movement due to the Covid 19 pandemic we were able to achieve 6 percent reduction in such emissions.  With the opening up of many economies these gains will no doubt be wiped out in short order.

Deacon Peter Espeut-Environmentalist

Deacon Peter Espeut has issued a stinging rebuke of PM Andrew Michael Holness. He said inter alia:

“PM Holness must take full responsibility for what is happening in say the Cockpit Country.  He is saying the opposite at Glasgow, Scotland conference to what he is doing in Jamaica with the environment.”


The comments by Deacon Peter Espeut is most significant.  We cannot be scolding large industrial nations for their misconduct and neglect of the environment, yet when at home the Jamaican PM is not seen as conducting himself with sensitivity. We must always be seen as leading by example. Double talk cannot be appropriate.  The Cockpit Country is responsible for at least 40 percent of our water supply nationally. Any economic benefits cannot take precedent over the survival of human life

$12 Billion Allocated- Latest News

Delegates at the COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland have voted to allocate 12 Billion dollars to help stem deforestation worldwide as the goal period of 2030 set, to see tangible results. This is a well needed breakthrough.

World Class Heritage Site

The Cockpit Country is a treasure trove of endemic species of birds of a world class nature and fauna not seen anywhere else in the world.

We hope good sense will prevail as it relates to the allegations of unacceptable environmental practices in the Cockpit Country. Over to you Mr. Prime Minister Andrew Michael Holness.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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