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December 21, 2017
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December 21, 2017

Will Boyne Be Accorded An Official Funeral?

Photo: Ian Boyne

Perspective: It is still difficult to consider Ian Boyne as having made his transition.  Boyne for many of us was bigger than life.  Even in death he is immensely popular.  His work over three decades, has touched many lives, yet he was a model of humility.

Boyne earned an enviable reputation by prying into our lives … yet we knew very little about Boyne himself who is possibly regarded as the number one interviewer in this side of paradise. What a tangled web? Or is it just the strange really?

Unable To Drive

For example, how many of us knew that Boyne never learnt the skill to drive a motor vehicle?  We took that as a given fact that he drove. Mobility is considered a normal activity especially for extremely busy individuals like Ian Boyne… in short, it is a natural activity in today’s world. Many take the ability to drive as a walk in the park or a must do. It raised eyebrows when Boyne’s inability to drive was disclosed to the wider public, following his death.


Another shocker is, we have also been informed … reportedly by former PM Bruce Golding that the late Ian Boyne did not have a university degree. Golding actually asserted that “Ian Boyne never attended a university …”  Based on the vast knowledge that all agree Boyne displayed in his highly rated interviews for over the past thirty years “Profile” and his nationally  acclaimed ” Religious Hard Talk” programme which are widely viewed on television many would naturally assume Boyne had at least a first university degree … this was not so.  He was instead self taught, well read and did a lot of research.


The public outpouring of grief as expressed in the various reactions to the passing of Ian Boyne is only natural as he was an exceptional individual.


On a personal note Boyne and myself enjoyed more than a casual relationship … he always took time out to inquire how I was progressing. He even remarked on Vision Newspaper in one of our many interactions.


He invited me on at least three occasions to be a guest on Profile.  Being a somewhat private person his overtures were never embraced by me.  For my own reasons which time does not allow here and now I did not embrace the idea. Did I make a mistake, based on public comments being made by certain individuals who wanted to be so invited?

Poetic Commentary

Ode To Ian Boyne

To each their own …
I opted to stay in my zone
My reasons were private …
To that I refused to deviate

Boyne’s invitation was politely refused …
His generosity was never abused
I was touched by his confidence in my achievements …
For me being on Profile …was not one of my sought after accomplishments …

As you depart from the crease
We say rest in peace …
Ian Boyne was a class act …
This is an undisputed fact …

Ride on Boyne … your majesty …
Your inning was executed with mastery …
You were someone of ingenuity ..  Least to mention dignity …
And unquestioned integrity …


By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie

Official Funeral

We think PM Holness and his cabinet will extend to Boyne an official funeral. He has served well and it is their call to make. Will they disappoint? We hope not.

This is our perspective. What is yours?. Feel free to disagree.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie who is a poet & satirist is also Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper. Boyne was more than a colleague to me.

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