Women Worldwide March Against US President Donald Trump

On the first full day in office, the newly sworn in 45th USA President was welcomed with mass protests.

The police were so fearful that they placed barriers some 2 blocks around the Trump Towers in New York to deter any possible damage to the building.

Yesterday during the inauguration walk through near Pennsylvania Avenue, several buildings had their glass fronts shattered by protesters.  Police responded with tear gas bombs while they donned riot gear. 95 protesters were arrested.

In Boston alone, some 125,000 persons, mainly women, predominantly dressed in white, gathered and marched in an anti-Trump rally.


They traveled near and far to protest Trump’s planned immigration policies.  America Ferrera in an address to the assembled masses declared: “We will not go from being a nation of immigrants to a nation of ignorance.”

They travelled to Washington DC from Boston, New York, Berlin, London and as far away as Toronto, Canada. Chartering buses and even sleeping 2 days on the road to get there … they were determined to make a statement.

You will recall that during the campaign Trump was accused by several women of improper sexual advances which alleged occurred over a long period, suggesting a pattern of behaviour, which appeared to be endemic to his personality.

Time will tell how he responds to these protests. Will they define his Presidency? And how will these plans affect his plans to make America strong again?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

Photo from www.cbc.ca

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