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World’s Biggest Nightclub in Toronto


Photo: Nightclub Crowd

Amidst objection from neighbourhood residents and politicians, the biggest nightclub in the world might still be coming to Toronto.  To be situated on the site which was once home to the Docks, on Toronto’s newly developing Waterfront, in the Portlands.

At present, Spain holds the reign for having the biggest nightclub in the world. A club called Privilege, in Ibiza Spain boasts itself as the world’s largest with a capacity of about 10,000 people.

In an application from Powerhouse Corporation, their proposal call for a prospective indoor capacity of 7,584 people, and a magnanimous 7,971 patrons outdoor on the patios for the new venue.

Currently the club is limited to 3,163 patrons indoors and 2,510 outdoor.

In days of old, opposition from neighbourhood groups over noise disturbances, inside and outside the Docks eventually lead to a revoked liquor license. However, a new licence was eventually issued for a new club, named Rebel. It included strict conditions that limited noise levels and capacity.

The company owners of Rebel and an adjacent bar, Cabana, in the Portlands, have applied for a new liquor licence for the site with a much larger scope. Owners argue that they should be permitted to operate with a clean slate, given that it’s a new business.

The application is scheduled to be heard by the province’s Licensing Appeals Tribunal on Feb. 9.

Counsellor Pam McConnell, who represents many of the residents said she’ll fight the proposal once it goes to the tribunal next month.

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