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January 14, 2021
January 15, 2021

Worldwide Nigerian Initiative Launches Foundation to Honour Dola Bamgboye

January 14, 2021 | Janice Young |

With the passing last October of popular Nigerian MTN Telecom Manager,

; noted international personalities have decided to honour the legacy of one of the most active youth and culture advocates in Nigerian society, with the launch of a global foundation this month.

The Dola Bamgboye Foundation initiative includes representatives from BANG a youth charity in the UK, VITAL in Jamaica and multiple agencies in Nigeria completing the global triangle.

The launch, which took place on Dola’s birthday January 13, 2021, announced the establishment of the foundation and partnerships to work with Nigerians in Nigeria and worldwide. This is with the aim of preserving and promoting traditional and indigenous culture with an emphasis on youth leadership for community action.

Bamgboye himself erected multiple nursery and primary schools in Nigeria and was a constant role model, spiritual advisor and inspiration for Nigeria throughout his life. It was then fitting to continue his legacy with this global effort.

The aim for the Dola Bamgboye Foundation is to raise awareness and connect with aligned people and agencies. Reversing the disconnect and other negative effects of the transatlantic slave trade. We are looking at changing the perception of culture and its importance on economic growth starting with youth initiatives,” Jennifer Ogole, Founder & CEO of BANG shared.

With the official launch now complete the work will accelerate worldwide in noted cultural spaces like Jamaica, which is seen as a key global hub especially with growing tourism and other economic connections between the two countries increasing continually.

Already the cultural exchange has started in Jamaica with incorporation of the Rastafari and School communities through the VITAL brand in St Ann, spearheaded by Jennifer Ogole who currently resides in Jamaica.

Our whole work is about supporting communities to shape their future and the Dola Bamgboye is all about supporting young people to have a voice and helping them to achieve their dreams. We are excited to connect UK, Nigeria and Jamaica by working together for the benefit of African and all children worldwide,” Paul Bragman Chair of BANG Edutainment, Director at Community Regen and Trustee at DBF added.

Agencies, youth leaders and other associates who are desirous of being a part of the Dola Bamgboye Foundation can visit the website and complete the relevant forms to register interest.

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Janice Young is a PR Director/Event Coordinator & Advertising Consultant with StreetCred Jamaica

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