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January 25, 2018
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Young bands shine at Yorke’s 2018 Fete

POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – The 2018 annual Yorke All-Inclusive Carnival fete was a true musical extravaganza and this year shined a spotlight on Soca’s talented up and coming entertainers.

The premium all-inclusive event has become a staple in the annual T&T Carnival and continues to be a true standard-bearer for fetes in east Trinidad boasting a loyal following of party-goers while continuously attracting new patrons.

The event which this year was held at The University Inn and Conference Centre had the 2018 theme “Fete Seekers Unite” and indeed brought together true Soca lovers with an electrifying entertainment line-up which consisted of both veteran performers and exciting up and coming acts.

Kicking off this year’s line-up was the band Rhapsody Next Generation (NG) which features the electronic or PHI-pan alongside the powerful, energetic vocals of lead singers Olatunji, Ro’dey, Candi and Quin C.
This young band diligently displayed its musical prowess and ability to execute both modern and classic Soca songs.

Following this youthful ensemble was the newly formed Brass to the World which thoroughly entertained the Yorke audience with the talents of front-line singers Russell Cadogan, Keisha Stewart and Snakey and a powerful brass section.
This brass element gave attendees a feeling of nostalgia as brass instrumentation has not been given a proper spotlight in modern day fete experiences.

Joining this wave of young talent was veteran band D All Stars with Blaxx, Ricardo Drue, Tizzy and Teddyson John, Iwer George, Dil-E-Nadan, Shal Marshal, Nailah Blackman and two-time International Soca Monarch Voice.

In true Trini fashion, the fun seekers united through music and food, as the Yorke fete featured Indian, Chinese and Creole meals, bake and shark, chow mein, roast pork, crab-stuffed dumplings, corn soup, gyros, pellau and premium ice-cream with an accompanying fully stocked bar.

Guests at this year’s event partied to the sweet sounds of Soca into the wee hours of Monday morning revelling in the experience and excitedly awaiting updates on upcoming Yorke events.

Fun Seekers Unite” brought together true Soca lovers.

Fun Seekers united for an awesome Carnival experience.

Members of Rhapsody NG at Yorke’s 2018 fete.

Brass to the World entertains the Yorke crowd.

Veteran feters having a blast at Yorke 2018.



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