Young Garvey rises from Trench Town


Young Garvey

Although Marcus Mosiah Garvey died in 1940, theJamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator has inspired millions. One of his incarnations is the militant, talented young artiste known as Young Garvey in the music industry.

Known for the single, Grow Mi Hair, championed by broadcaster Mutabaruka on Stepping Razor on IRIE FM, this youngblood is raising eyebrows for his songs that seek to inspire black self-reliance and independence.

“I am a positive artiste who wants to use music to uplift my nation. So stay in tune to me on my musical journey,” he said.

Born Fabian Dwayne Findley on March 17, 1982, the artiste grew up in Duhaney Park with his mother, Marcia Forbes. He attended the Duhaney Park Primary, but then the family moved to Trench Town. Not long after they, migrated to New York.

“In America I was always promoting black upliftment realising that black people had it hard. Jokingly a friend said to me one day “you acting like you are Marcus Garvey’ then I said to him smiling, yes, I am young Marcus Garvey,” he said.

The name Young Garvey stuck with him, however, the mean streets soon got him in trouble, he got arrested, served time in prison and was deported to Jamaica.

“I came back home to Jamaica just like Marcus Garvey did with a plan and on a mission. In Jamaica me and a close friend Deno Tinglin started a record label called One Nation Music. I built astudio in my house where I started building my own rhythms and recording myself. He has a new single called Gone Up and a new song with Nazime called We Pray.


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