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Zaire Baptiste Presents “Gather” a Collection of Black Artists Who are Telling Stories Through Their Artwork

"Corn" by Voodo Fe, the first Phygital asset sold as an NFT by Zaire Baptiste at Chelsea Market

“Gather” features artists Deborah Baptiste, Voodo Fe’, Lyndon McCray, Tyson Hall, Felicia Dunson, and Zaire Baptiste.

“Corn” by Voodo Fe, the first Phygital asset sold as an NFT by Zaire Baptiste at Chelsea Market

NEW YORKMarch 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chelsea Markets latest exhibit features a diverse line up of work from notable black artists in multiple disciplines. This collection of artists in the 2d space are transitioning into the digital space, selected artworks on display will be available on the blockchain as NFTs. The exhibit which has been up since February 1st and closes on March 14th saw its first phygital sale, “Corn” sold for 10k USD, as a NFT with the buyer receiving the physical artwork with the purchase.

Zaire Baptiste has begun a mission to onboard more artists of color into Web3, introducing them to NFT’s and blockchain technology. “Knowing such talent is around me, I am active in using my resources to introduce as many artists as I can into the NFT space.” Renaissance artist Voodo Fe is featured, and one of his 8ft art pieces titled “HIM ” features augmented reality, bringing his painting to life through your mobile device. Voodo’s collection is titled “Disrupt Art” as the lead artist moving into the digital world. Lyndon McCrays work titled “Pre-Social Media” showcases his mixed media and charcoal infused work. Television actor Tyson Hall, along with Felicia Dunson and Zaire Baptiste provide a mix of abstract and graffiti inspired work titled “The Color of Thought”. Deborah Baptiste, mother of Zaire Baptiste, in the first exhibit of her work “A Mothers Love” displays her early copper impression artwork. The exhibit is rounded out by the presentation of the Ernie Barnes Collection “The Ghetto” ; this work made famous by the 1970s sitcom “Good Times” was passed down to Zaire by his uncle before his passing in 2021.

“This exhibit is truly dear to my heart,” says Zaire Baptiste. “I put this together as a representation of community and family, all of the artists exhibited, I actually work with, they are my community. My mother’s work is my history, watching her artistry is what inspired me, and the Black Family, my family has nurtured me into the person I am today, this is “Gather” an exhibit of the work closest to my heart, and we are excited to present it at Chelsea Market.”

SOURCE Zaire Baptiste/Chelsea Markets NYC

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