Zamunda records his debut album

The rising reggae star Zamunda is working to release his debut album ‘Jah Love Surround Me’, which is due to be released in April 2013. “It will be a very inspirational album. I see a lot of crime and violence happening throughout the country, what people really need is a message, some thing to hold on to. Right now I am focussing on the message in my music. It’s not how many cars you have, how many houses or how much bling bling – what counts is: Jah Love Surrounds Me.” Zamunda explained to Vision.

He is also busy getting his new music video for the single Never Give Up out. “Its a song for when you feel your hope is gone to help you to just keep pushing on.” 
With all this work happening we where wondering how and where Zamunda likes to chill out. “Whenever I am not in the studio I meet my old time friends, we eat and laugh and hold a vibe. I love to go to the river or in the hills to hold a meditation, I have a little farm where I plant food as well.
One of my favourite spots is in St. Ann’s Bay, it’s called Fire Water. You can lie down in the water like a bath and ignite the water watching the fire running above it. It’s a mineral bath with natural gases from the earth.”
Are you somebody who watches the news a lot to keep up with what is happening in the world?
“Yes, I read  a lot and watch BBC News. We as artists are the voice for the people, so we have to know what they are  going through. You have to connect to the world.” 
Who will be the next big thing?
“Music is a mystic. Some artists reach nowhere and others reach far.  I encourage every upcoming artist  and pass on my skills. Music is not a one man thing. You never know who will be the next big thing. Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson all those icons are gone, but their music still carries on. You can’t make predictions in music.” 
Big Up!
Big up Vision Newspaper to take the time out to do this interview. Big Up the almighty Haile Selassie who makes it possible. Big up my management Extreme and the whole of London, Birmingham. The whole ah yaard, the world!                                             

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