Zimbabwe At A Cross Roads … Will Mugabe Leave Quietly?

Perspective: Last Wednesday the army seized the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and a army spokesman read a statement to the world. They assert that there is no coup but reports later confirm that the president is under house arrest. They further stated that the president and family were safe but the move was intended to remove “criminals” around the president.


In 1979 the minority white ruled Ian Smith government was toppled.  Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) was declared.  Rhodesia a rich  farming country with a buoyant economy suddenly changed hands.

Britain Granted Independence

In 1980 white minority rule was ended when rebels like Mugabe seized power and revolutionary Robert Mugabe became president.  The country was renamed Zimbabwe. Britain had no choice but to Granted Independence in 1980.  The move to topple the white minority ruled Rhodesia that became a revolution, was irreversible.

Mugabe moved instantly from Revolutionary to be President of now Zimbabwe. There was jubilation and dancing in the streets as a new nation was born.  What happened after was cause for concern, depending on whom you speak to. There were excesses and power corrupted many in Zimbabwe and allegedly Mugabe himself.

Fast Forward To 2017

Robert Mugabe is still in power as president, but now under house arrest by the army he heads. By a radio broadcast he pledged today November 20, 2017 that he will not resign …  it was expected that he would resign by noon local time. Mugabe is 93 and has been in power for almost 40 years. The longest serving leader in the world.


Reports are that he is negotiating his future with the generals who are in charge.  Other reports suggest that some of his ministers have been arrested.

Grace Mugabe

The whereabouts of his second wife Grace “guuci” Mugabe so nicknamed for her extravagance on the purchase of brand name clothing etc. is clear … she has not fled Zimbabwe as was rumoured.

Is power grabbing the heart of the Zimbabwe crisis?  You be the judge.

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This is our perspective. What is yours?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior Political Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspapers.

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