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3 Nicaraguans, 2 Costa Ricans get prison terms in Jamaica for attempting to traffic pot

Photo from www.theweedblog.com
Photo from www.theweedblog.com

KINGSTON, Jamaica _ Three men from Nicaragua and two others from Costa Rica have been convicted of trying to traffic compressed marijuana out of Jamaica.

In a Thursday statement, the Jamaica Constabulary Force says four of the men were fined and sentenced to mandatory prison terms of a year. One defendant was fined and sentenced to six months.

The five men were arrested in January in Westmoreland, a western parish famed for its pot. Police officers said they spotted the men near midnight tending to a 40-foot-boat (12-meter) pulled up on a beach. Officers said they found bags stuffed with 356 pounds (161 kilograms) of compressed marijuana on the boat and on the beach.

The five men will be deported to their home countries after they serve their prison sentences in Jamaica.

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Photo from www.theweedblog.com

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