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“3 QUESTIONS” Podcast Joins Forces with Alive Podcast Network

Toronto, ON, – Learn how to fail better so you can fail less is the central premise of the thought-provoking podcast, “3 QUESTIONS” hosted by Corey Kareem. Recently, the podcast expanded its reach through a partnership with the Alive Podcast Network. Founded by Angel Livas and based in Washington, DC, the network thrives as a platform for Black content creators, breathing life into diverse Black voices where Community, Culture & Creatives thrive. Noteworthy shows within the network include “Under Construction” by Tamar Braxton and “Real Housewives of Potomac” featuring Charisse Jackson.

At the heart of the “3 QUESTIONS” podcast lies a crucial mission: to delve into the universally experienced yet often overlooked topic of failure. Through engaging conversations, the podcast offers a natural learning experience, drawing wisdom from individuals across diverse walks of life, fostering an active learning experience for its audience.

Corey Kareem, is an Ad Sales Exec and Marketer hailing from Toronto, Canada, brings a wealth of experience to the podcast. His expertise in advertising & marketing span across prestigious platforms including Atlantic Records, NBC, MTV, Fuse TV, Rogers Media, and Spotify.

Corey Kareem articulates the purpose succinctly: “The essence is not to eliminate failure entirely – an impossible feat – but to understand how to navigate failure swiftly, thereby reducing its impact. The podcast endeavours to normalize the concept of failure, presenting it as a stepping stone toward growth”. A notion that he personally sought to explore. As a self-identified late bloomer of success, he delved into the depths of failure, seeking to understand its nuances. His journey revealed that everyone encounters setbacks, yet each person approaches and manages them differently.

“I started this podcast because I wanted to find out if I was doing something wrong,” Corey Kareem explains. “I learned that everyone goes through it, but we all have different ways of managing and perceiving it.”

Previous guests on “3 Questions” include: Xavier Jerigan (voice of Spotify’s A.IDJ), Arturo Nunez (Former VP of Marketing for Apple and Nike), Ivan Pehar (Head of Spotify Canada),  Pauleanna Reid (Celebrity Ghost Writer and Sr. Forbes Contributor) and Bailey Parnell (CEO and Founder of Skills Camp).

Join the conversation today (on the Alive Podcast Network or on Spotify or Apple Podcast) and discover how failure is not an end but a pathway to growth on the podcast.

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