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ACCES Employment and RBC announce partnership to help new Canadians settle in faster Finding employment tops priorities for newcomers to Canada

July 18, 2018: For newcomers arriving in Canada, finding employment is amongst their top priorities with 64% ranking it in the top five*. When starting a new life in a new country, newcomers generally worry about where they’re going to live, adjusting to a new life and settling in to all of the nuances that come with immigrating. Getting a head start is the key to success – to alleviate stress and start day one in control. To help newcomers adjust to their new life, ACCES Employment and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) today announce a partnership to assist newcomers find employment.  

For the past several years, ACCES Employment and RBC have been working together to help new Canadians navigate the job search with support that includes advice before you arrive, résumé building tips and interview preparation. Recognizing the need for advice before newcomers land in Canada, the partnership will now extend to include a series of online webinars directed at newly-arrived or soon-to-arrive newcomer jobseekers.  The series – facilitated by RBC recruiters and banking professionals – will include job-search education and financial literacy topics to improve the journey to Canada.

“Helping newcomers to prepare for the Canadian job market while they are still overseas is critical to their success.  Our pre-arrival programs and services ensure that newcomers are able to receive the support they need to integrate into the local labour market much more effectively,” says ACCES Employment President and CEO Allison Pond. “In addition, the online delivery model allows easy access to jobseekers across the world. As a result, we are able to provide an important continuum of services from the pre-arrival stage to when newcomers settle in the country.  We are thankful for RBC’s continuing partnership and their support of this webinar event series.  RBC’s support has helped thousands of jobseekers coming to Canada to learn about the Canadian job market and to find meaningful employment upon arrival.”

With more than 750,000 newcomers arriving in Canada every year (including permanent residents, temporary foreign workers and international students), ACCES and RBC understand the need to help newcomers settle into their new life in Canada quickly and that they play an important role in our economic workforce and beyond.

“Newcomers are an invaluable part of our diverse communities and we know settling in a new country can be challenging” says John McNain, VP, Personal Lending & Newcomer Segment, RBC. “By assisting during the pre-arrival stage, we’re taking one thing off their to-do list and helping newcomers arrive confidently as they get ready to settle into their new home. Partnering with ACCES Employment allows us to bring our expertise together with the common goal of helping newcomers find meaningful employment through engaging two-way dialogue. Our role extends far beyond banking as we continue to work with partners such as ACCES Employment in making our communities a welcoming place where newcomers can thrive.”

The webinar series is already proving to add value for skilled job seekers, many of whom completed the webinars before arriving in Canada. For Oluwatosin Otakoya, a newly arrived IT professional from Nigeria, the webinars provided him the key information he needed for his job search in Canada.

“I found the ACCES and RBC webinars a great and informative resource – helpful advice before I even boarded the plane! They are a must for any newcomer jobseeker, no matter what their industry or expertise, as they provide you with very helpful information for a successful job search in Canada,” says Oluwatosin Otakoya, newcomer from Nigeria.

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