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Alive Podcast Network Celebrates Two Years of Inspiring Black Excellence and Innovation

WASHINGTON, /PRNewswire/ — The ALIVE Podcast Network is thrilled to commemorate its second anniversary, defying the odds and solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the podcasting industry. As the network kicks off its second year with zeal and growth, it proudly reflects on its achievements and looks ahead to an exciting future filled with creativity, empowerment, and connection.

Last summer, the ALIVE Podcast Network launched its revolutionary proprietary app, available on both iOS and Android platforms. Positioned as the first and only Black woman-owned podcast network to develop its unique tech-stack, the network has set a new standard for ownership and innovation in the digital landscape.

ALIVE Podcast Network finalist for 2024 App of the Year

Recent accolades include being named a finalist for “2024 App of the Year” at the revered Black Tech Achievement Awards, a testament to the network’s commitment to excellence and technological prowess. The team eagerly anticipates attending the awards show in New York City, next week.

At the heart of the ALIVE Podcast Network lies a dedicated mission to amplify Black voices, providing a platform for creatives to monetize their content while retaining ownership of their intellectual property. With a diverse catalog boasting over 40 podcasts, the network prides itself on fostering inclusivity, diversity, and high-quality storytelling.

Founder and CEO of the ALIVE Podcast Network, Angel N. Livas, shares, “As a Black-owned media entity we’re dedicated to creating high-quality content that’s brand safe and suitable for advertisers to connect to diverse consumers.”

This celebratory month marks the announcement of the network’s first true crime show, “No Tears For Black Girls,” which has recently achieved a significant milestone of 1.5 million downloads, engaging audiences with captivating narratives and thought-provoking content.

Adding to the array of offerings, the network is excited to unveil its debut ALIVE original kids show, “Bible Warriors.” Hosted by Noah and Nelson Livas, sons of the Network’s founder, this short-form podcast shares their unique interpretations of bible verses, uniting young listeners with wisdom and spirituality in an engaging and insightful manner.

ALIVE is slated to participate in the Podcast Movement Upfront in LA next month, immediately followed by hosting an enlightening panel during the Evolutions conference, further cementing its commitment to industry engagement and innovation.

“While we’re still in our infancy, we’re proud of the strides that we’ve made in the media-tech space,” said Yusuf Henriques, co-founder and chief operations officer of ALIVE Podcast Network. “We’ve forged dynamic relationships with companies like, Barometer and others – but, it’s the partnerships with our podcasters that’s elevating diverse voices and driving innovation.”

To experience the transformative world of the ALIVE Podcast Network, download the ALIVE Podcast Network app. With your subscription, not only do you gain access to compelling content, but you also play a pivotal role in supporting the host of your choice, with 50% of your $4.99 subscription fee directly empowering your favorite creator. This unique initiative underscores the network’s dedication to stimulating the Black Creative economy and supporting emerging talents.

For more information and to explore the diverse range of podcasts, visit and immerse yourself in a world of creativity, empowerment, and community. Be a part of this dynamic journey as the network paves the way for a future where narratives thrive, creativity knows no bounds, and authenticity reigns supreme.

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