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ArtRegen, Dr. Desirée Cox’s Transformative Art Brand, To Be Featured In British Vogue’s Summer Art Campaign

LONDONJune 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ArtRegen announced today that Dr. Desirée Cox’s transformative art will be showcased in British Vogue’s summer art campaign. From May to July 2021, select one-of-a-kind paintings from Dr. Desirée’s exclusive collection – all available for purchase – will be featured in British Vogue’s retail digital online gallery, as well as in three premium print issues of the magazine.

“I’m so excited to be featured in this global campaign,” said Dr. Desirée Cox, founder and CEO of the regenerative art brand ArtRegen. “Having access to British Vogue’s expansive readership will allow people all over the world to experience the many benefits of regenerative and transformative art.”

ArtRegen understands that as a busy professional, it’s difficult to find exceptional, transformative art that ticks all the boxes of uniqueness, status, and self-actualization. That’s why for over 15 years Dr. Desirée has been painting one-of-a-kind regenerative art, some of which is sitting next to an original Picasso. Grace, one of her original oil-on-canvas pieces, will be the first of many to be featured in British Vogue’s summer campaign starting in May.

“The gift of regenerative art is in how it operates on multiple levels,” Dr. Desirée said. “You’ll see patterns from nature, shapes and forms – a hummingbird, a puppy, a child playing in tall grass – and you’ll experience the subtle, intricate motion of the object, forms and patterns connecting. The different levels work together to help you become more centered, more present in the moment, and more emotionally and spiritually connected. This is where the healing of regenerative art can begin.”

Being an artist, doctor (MD and PhD), and scientist and inventor in the stem cell and regenerative medicine space gives Dr. Desiree a unique understanding of the science and aesthetics of regeneration, art and health. At ArtRegen, we believe your life is more meaningful with transformative art. Because really – when is the last time you owned a piece of art that lowered your blood pressure, birthed a great conversation, and just made you feel better?

To view Dr. Desirée’s art in British Vogue – or to schedule a consultation and browse her current inventory – please visit or contact Dr. Desirée’s assistant, Erin Ambrose, at

About ArtRegen
At ArtRegen, we know you want to be a confident and sophisticated professional. In order to do that, you need amazing, one-of-a-kind art that is good for your soul and shows everyone who you are. Visit to purchase an original painting, and join our exclusive community of hope, healing, and art-loving professionals.


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