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Bank of America Awards $1M Grant to National Juneteenth Museum

New legacy institution will educate visitors on the past, create growth in the present and inspire future generations.

FORT WORTH, TexasJuly 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The National Juneteenth Museum and Bank of America today announced a foundational gift to support the first-of-its-kind museum. Selected to be built in Fort Worth, the city is a hub for arts and culture institutions and celebration, and the city’s history is closely tied to its identity today. Honoring Fort Worth’s past by investing in its future, Bank of America is awarding a $1M grant for the development of the National Juneteenth Museum ecosystem.

“The National Juneteenth Museum will be a social and economic anchor in Fort Worth that will serve as a catalyst for community education and growth. The bank’s foundational support acknowledges the significant role Juneteenth plays in our city’s history and is another demonstration of our commitment to advance economic opportunity and racial equality,” said Mike Pavell, Bank of America Fort Worth President. “We’re excited to work with the National Juneteenth Museum to revitalize the local community and create a new legacy institution.”

Fostering a true ecosystem for economic and cultural development, the National Juneteenth Museum will feature far more than its collection of artifacts. The 50,000-square-foot center will host guest lectures, community events and performances in its 250-seat amphitheater, bring families together through the on-site food hall and grand green space, and launch big ideas into reality in its business incubator.

“The predominantly African American neighborhood surrounding the museum has helped shape Fort Worth for generations. I’m encouraged to see Bank of America helping breathe life into the Historic Southside through intentional investment in cultural education and preservation. Residents, visitors and local businesses will be able to witness the impact of Bank of America’s gift, supporting a space where generational wealth, health and tradition will have a collaborative space to flourish,” said Jarred Howard, CEO of the National Juneteenth Museum.

“The National Juneteenth Museum personifies many of the core values we uphold at Bank of America. From supporting diverse entrepreneurs and small business development, to mobilizing the power of the arts to educate and enrich our societies, we look forward to working together to unite our community and create greater cultural understanding. This partnership is a point of pride for Bank of America not only here in Fort Worth, but in every corner of our national footprint,” added Pavell.

The museum’s targeted opening date is June 19, 2025. To learn more about the museum and construction updates, please visit the National Juneteenth Museum website.

SOURCE Bank of America Corporation

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