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BlingBlang Work CEO Balancing Motherhood And Her Career

May 27, 2022 | MIA Production |

The CEO of BlingBlang Work is domineering her field while balancing her motherly duties at home. Being a mother of a beautiful daughter, she aspires to make a firm foundation for her daughter and also to make her proud.

Her job requires her to create ideas and travel at the same time, so her daughter Nahbi is being homeschooled with the decision made along with her father. This will allow both parents to still do their parental duties while doing what they love. Balancing both her career and her daughter has been a great experience so far. Nahbi gets to watch her mother work from time to time and this lights up her daughter’s face especially when her daughter watches over the videos on YouTube.

“I get to make memories with her that I hope will stay with her forever. So far Motherhood has been a good experience for me but like anything else, it has its downsides like the lack of sleep or energy but I try to stay as fit as possible to make sure I keep up with the everyday struggles”. Said Sasha.

To balance both career and motherhood it is important to have a proper support system. Sasha has a great support system and a solid co-parenting relationship with her daughter’s father who plays an active role in her upbringing. She also has awesome aunties and uncles who assist as much as possible.

BlingBlang Work is currently working on projects such as directing and producing four (4) episodes of Chef Simpson’s ‘Cooking with Love’ featuring I-Octane, Denyque, Maino, and VP of marketing for DefJam Charlene Thomas. The next project under the pipeline is Good Good Production’s new rhythm ‘Young Generation’ produced by Zum. The artistes featured on the rhythm are Denyque, Rytikal, Shaniel Muir, Jashii, Teejay, and more. This is set to be out soon.

BlingBlang Work is aiming to branch off globally anytime soon. The work is being put in and is established worldwide but that does not limit her, she is determined to direct music videos in every genre of music, especially Hollywood projects, imagine what she would do with a Marvel budget.

She has been getting a good reception from her colleagues and viewers.

Source MIA Production 

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