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Briggy Benz and Bittah Sosicka scores with Living Testament

June 6, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

For many, to be alive is a journey through mostly joy not pain; for Bittah Sosicka and Briggy Benz- two artistes who want to relive their stories of survival, it comes down to two dynamic words LIVING TESTAMENT.

This, a  collaboration, is not just one of  Second Chance soundtracks; it runs at the end of the movie, which is getting rave reviews by movie critics.

For Briggy Benz born Raymond Grant, “this song is a perfect fit. What better song to end such a glorious story. I could see the intensity of passion in the eyes  of movie-goers when the song begins to play. My partner, Bittah Sosicka, born Peter Cole, must be filled with joy.

It is a joy of hearing our stories because it is a true-to-life experience. I have seen many of my friends who grew up in póor and neglected communities die before they become adults. Their lives were barb-wired by a system of corruption and  injustices.

“The song came as a natural vibes. Both of us live in New York. We ended up at Jet Set Recording Studio. The producer “Professor” was playing the beats which stuck in our ears ; that’s when we start to put words to beat.” Briggy Benz says.

Bittah Sosicka describes the song- released June 11,2021, -as “a fountain of feelings which had to be exposed to help and heal the world.

” We hope every youth will learn from the experiences which exemplify  fortitude  and perseverance. And, that they have a platform to mount their living testament,” he adds.

The music video was shot in Connecticut and New York, directed by Kenny  Grey  and released April 1, 2022. It  mirrors three protagonists- Bittah Sosicka, Briggy Benz and Spragga Benz trials and tribulations.

 Finally, the Bible appears at the end of  the video signaling good overcoming evil.

Supa Pea

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