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AUSTIN, TexasApril 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, C4 Energy®, one of the fastest-growing energy drink brands in the United States, announces “Get That Hart Smart Energy,” a multifaceted brand campaign fueled by the world’s most recognized multi-hyphenate as the face – comedian, actor, entrepreneur, and producer, Kevin Hart. Through this campaign, which includes an epic multimedia digital program, C4 Energy and Kevin Hart want you to Ignite Your Fire and maximize your human potential by enhancing your mental performance with C4 Smart Energy.

C4 Smart Energy, the drink formulated to boost mental focus and alertness, and Ignite Your Fire, the brand’s mission to unlock your limitless performance, are both personified through Hart. As an entrepreneurial-minded man of many talents, Hart’s hustle has branched out into many different areas of focus, becoming a man who truly wears many hats – actor, comedian, producer, entrepreneur, father, and husband. Hart manages to juggle the many facets of his life by incorporating C4 Smart Energy into his everyday routine, leveraging the drink to fuel his energetic lifestyle.

“My life is non-stop. You might think it’s super human to move as quickly as I do, but it’s really C4 Smart Energy powering me through, helping me stay sharp and laser focused,” said Kevin Hart. “I’m always on the move. Through being on tour, closing deals, on set filming, or just at home running after my kids, C4 Energy, especially C4 Smart Energy, is a crucial part of my daily hustle, making multitasking my best talent.”

C4 Smart Energy is designed to optimize focus and energy for superbrain performance, and contains a blend of clinically-studied functional ingredients including Cognizin®, a nutrient that supports mental focus, attention, and recall and InnovaTea®, a naturally derived green tea extract caffeine source. It also tastes great without compromise, with zero sugar, carbs, or artificial flavors and dyes.

The brand will be kicking off “Get That Hart Smart Energy” with their first-ever collaborative hero video with Hart, featuring C4 Smart Energy, the only product that can keep up with the hardest working man on the planet.

“C4 Energy is doubling down on our mission to Ignite Your Fire as we gear up for this unique, larger than life omnichannel brand campaign, focused on C4 Smart Energy, which positions the brand squarely into the mental and cognitive performance category,” said Rajaa Grar, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Nutrabolt. “Kevin’s hustle and growth mentality exemplifies the very essence of C4 Smart Energy and we’re excited to launch this new campaign with such extraordinary talent at the helm.”

Over the next few months, Hart and C4 Energy will celebrate “Get That Hart Smart Energy,” by unveiling an epic multimedia digital program, including a content series and a TikTok Challenge, both powered by Hart himself.

The first part of the digital campaign, KevinVision, is an aptly-named, multi-dimensional, multi-episode video series, which will provide an immersive look at Kevin Hart in ways that consumers have never seen him before. KevinVision will showcase Hart’s multi-hyphenate lifestyle and explore his many transformations by placing him in three creative mediums including illustration, 8-bit/stop motion, and anime.

C4 Energy will also be launching digital extensions as part of this multimedia digital program, including a game-changer TikTok Challenge. To charge up C4 Energy’s growing following and lean into C4 Smart Energy’s  mental performance benefits, the brand will be launching “Ignite Your Side Hustle”, a TikTok Challenge encouraging consumers to share with Hart their side hustle and the fuel that fires it. TikTokers will be challenged to show off their passion and potentially be selected by Hart himself for the chance to win prizes that total up to $50,000 so they can turn their side hustle into their front hustle.

Additional elements of “Get That Hart Smart Energy” launch will include a larger-than-life media partnership with Hart’s LOL! Network, which will deploy campaign assets across OTT, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as product integration in Hart’s hit sports talk show, “Cold As Balls,” featuring C4 Energy brand ambassador, Marshawn Lynch.

C4 Smart Energy, including its newest flavor, Watermelon Burst, is available in all 50 states, internationally, and online at You can also find C4 Smart Energy at H-E-B, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, 7-11, Speedway, Wawa, Quik Trip, and Vitamin Shoppe.

To join the conversation and Ignite Your Fire with C4 Energy’s global social community, Check out C4 Energy on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and TikTok.

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