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Cabinet Greenlights Map for Portmore’s Proposed Parish Status

In a decisive move towards the realization of Portmore’s long-standing aspiration to become Jamaica’s 15th parish, the Cabinet has given its stamp of approval to the map delineating the boundaries of the proposed parish. This development was announced by Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information, Hon. Robert Morgan, during a post-Cabinet press briefing held at Jamaica House on Wednesday, March 13.

Minister Morgan emphasized that the approval of the map marks a significant technical advancement in the process of establishing Portmore as an official parish. He underscored the extensive engagement and consultation that has taken place over the years, dating back to the early 2000s, involving key stakeholders such as the National Land Agency (NLA), the Portmore Municipal Corporation, and citizens of Portmore.

“The next step is to table [and] amend the Bill in Parliament, so that Portmore can finally become a parish, which is a commitment that this Government has consistently made,” Minister Morgan stated, reaffirming the Government’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling this promise.

The move to grant parish status to Portmore has been a subject of discussion and aspiration for quite some time. The decision reflects the acknowledgment of Portmore’s significant growth and development over the years, necessitating its elevation to a higher administrative and civic status.

The proposed parish designation holds substantial implications for the residents of Portmore, promising enhanced governance structures and representation tailored to the area’s unique needs and characteristics.

With the approval of the map by the Cabinet, Portmore inches closer to realizing its dream of attaining parish status. The impending tabling and amendment of the Bill in Parliament signify a pivotal phase in the journey towards formalizing Portmore’s identity as an official parish of Jamaica.

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