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Camille Cosby’s 2nd deposition postponed until April 18


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. _ A lawyer for seven women suing Bill Cosby in Massachusetts for defamation says the comedian’s wife will answer questions under oath for a second day next month.

Camille Cosby answered questions on Feb. 22 and had been scheduled to undergo a second day of questioning next week.

Attorney Joseph Cammarata said Camille Cosby’s new attorneys requested more time. Both sides agreed to continue the deposition on April 18.

Cammarata says he hopes to depose Bill Cosby soon after Camille Cosby finishes her deposition, although no date has been set.

Bill Cosby’s lawyers have asked a judge to suspend the defamation case while a criminal sexual assault case is pending against him in Pennsylvania.

The women suing Cosby claim his representatives falsely branded them as liars when they publicly alleged he sexually assaulted them decades ago

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