Character Assassination

Andrew Holness

Trials of Andrew Michael Holness, Opposition Leader of the JLP and former Prime Minister of Jamaica W.I. has been facing many trials on the campaign trail (here in Jamaica W. I.). From Guns to Character Assassination.

You would have thought that following the bloody and deadly assassination attempt on his life on Sunday January 7, 2015 and a further terrorist attack on Tuesday January 9, carried by The Associated Press (AP) things would settle down. Alas! This appears not to be so at all. The latest is that Andrew Michael Holness is the target in Dr. Peter Phillip’s cross bows. The PNP has apparently embarked on a smear tactic and character assassination policy/campaign.


Andrew Holness’ house is PNP only Manifesto item.

If we cannot win by presenting sound economic plan or policies let us attack Andrew’s character. “PNP has always resorted to demonize JLP Leaders …. they did it with Seaga, Golding and now Andrew …” declared a caller to the Feedback call in segment on “This Morning” on NNN Radio, listened to about 350000 persons between age groups 25-70+ demographic across Jamaica most of whom are internet/social media savvy.

Speaking at a mass rally in Mandeville Dr. Peter Phillips, PNP’s Campaign Director said “Elections are about trust … him form a company in St. Lucia and said he signed a document declaring it was signed while visiting from Jamaica. He presents no proof of claim.

Daryl Vaz, MP speaking at a JLP RALLY IN PORTMORE, St. Catherine said “Hop off a Andrew fender … exposed a (PNP) a plot in West Portland to buy out JLP Indoor Agents” get them to dip their finger in voting ink overnight … a trick to falsify the election in each seat to win.”

Also speaking to thousands in Portmore, a defiant Holness responded to PNP’s Dr. Peter Phillips:

“This man no trouble no one … if you trouble this man it could cause a bam bam … if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. They (PNP) have no plans … all them tell you stick with them … we have a 10 point plan. For the first time this election is focussed on the issues. They are resorting to personal attack … mi back broad. Them say step up the progress … I went up to JLP Candidate Chris Tufton’s area and the people hug me and ask for help to get water.
The Mother of Poverty must step aside now … she stop using the word “poor” and instead speaking about “prosperity”… now a days” to loud and sustained applause.?

Portia Simpson Miller has always said she champions the plight of the poor. ” I Love the poor” Portia loves to say.

Peter Phillips

Who is Dr. Peter Phillips?

He is an academic who lectured at the University. He is a reformed Rastafarian who has shaved his locks and turned back … He ran against Portia in a bitterly contested PNP leadership race about 2006 and lost to current PM and Party Leader.

Peter Has Skeletons …

Dr. Peter Phillips declared under oath that he secretly signed a document while as National Security Minister with the USA government effectively selling out Jamaica’s Sovereignty without sharing same with his PM Portia Simpson Miller or Cabinet. He was testifying at the Manatt Enquiry about 2009.

Is Philips suitable to lead?

Breach Contract

Prior to that as Transport Minister he “tore up a valid contract” which the Courts ruled was legally binding … The Privy Council frowned on his appeal and ruled that he (Phillips) acted illegally and immorality against the National United Transport Cooperative Society (NUTCS). The court’s ruling costs the government at least one billion Jamaican dollars in compensation to NUTCS. … and is believed to have led to the death of its founder Ezroy Millwood.

Can Dr. Peter Phillips be trusted?

Dr. Peter PHILLIPS needs to be honest with himself and the Jamaican people as Andrew Holness has declared :

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, & photojournalist who has reported on politics in Jamaica for over forty years. Currently he is Senior International Correspondent! & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada..

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