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CNN’s Don Lemon apologizes for his graphic questioning of alleged Cosby victim

Don Lemon of CNN

NEW YORK _ CNN newsman Don Lemon apologized Wednesday for his sexually charged interrogation of one of the women who has accused Bill Cosby of assault.

During an interview with Joan Tarshis that aired Tuesday night, Lemon responded to her claim that Cosby forced her to perform oral sex by suggesting she might have retaliated instead by “biting” Cosby on his genitals.

Tarshis said she hadn’t thought of that during the alleged incident in 1969.

Lemon was slammed on Twitter, where he was a trending topic much of Wednesday.

On the air, he apologized to anyone who found his questioning insensitive.

Cosby, who was never criminally charged in any case, settled a civil suit in 2006 with another woman over an alleged incident. He has refused to comment on accusations from other women.

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