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Innovative Duo DizTroy Alongaide Versi To Reelase Video For Ganja Inspired Amthem ” Build Me A Spliff “

DizTroy released their electronic, hip-hop, vibed record, Build Me A Spliff, in November of last year. The song features Jamaica’s multifaceted dancehall artist Versi. Since its release, it quickly accumulated the attention of several hip hop music blogs and has been attracting fans from the niche market of Cannabis culture. With its growing success DizTroy excitedly gathered the team to shoot the single’s video

Director and Editor Dennis Brown reconstructs the playful and vibrant nature of recreational marijuana use in Jamaica by playing with a delivery of lights, a signature neon color palette , silhouettes and symmetry. The artwork also focuses on the sensual nature of Dancehall culture.

Premiering on the Caribbean’s prestige entertainment blog, the video for “Build Me A Spliff” will be featured exclusively on The Tropixs

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