Dolli with a Difference

The year 2014 has seen some talented artists rise to prominence, many of whom have spent prior years honing their craft. Dolli Difference is far from new to the industry and is an example of someone who has reaped more and more rewards throughout her eight year career.

Having exploded onto the scene in 2006 with debut single ‘Bounce Around’, Dolli released a follow-up single ‘A Neva Mi’ in 2007; both efforts were well received and enjoyed local airplay. What’s more, as a prolific entertainer, she has graced some of the world’s biggest platforms for dancehall such as the annual ‘Sting’ stage-show (2009) and Capleton’s ‘St. Mary Mi Come From’ (2010); a recent tour of Guyana was also successful.

20140706-dolli 4x6vftgDolli – real name Shawna Hunter – was born and raised in the bountiful hills of St. Mary, Jamaica. Despite being a bit of a ‘tomboy’ during her adolescent years, she fell into a modelling career shortly after finishing high school and was represented by ‘Inner Beauty’ modelling agency. However, before this glamorous avenue could truly take off, Dolli left St. Mary and relocated to the whirlwind capital of Kingston on an “Ivan-esque” path (NB: ‘Ivan’, the lead character from iconic film ‘The Harder They Come’ (1972), travels from the countryside to the city and discovers stardom). It was here that she first became involved in music after discovering her passion for it; she would also continue modelling on a part-time basis.

This young artist’s sizzling sex appeal has become synonymous with her cutting-edge talent but she is simply ‘full of style’: “when you say ‘dolly’, it promotes a certain pretty image, shallow and empty-headed, but I have depth in terms of lyrics to go along with my pretty girl image. I have a lot of different sides, that’s why I can say ‘Gangster Girl’ and it connect”.

In 2012, Dolli released her breakout single ‘Gangster Girl’ which was produced by Lee Miller and absolutely ripped the road! In this song, she subtly blends her sultry vixen persona with a hardcore, almost atypical thug demeanour…and it works! In the bridge of this song, she tantalisingly coos:

“Yu nuh si mi a genie/Dat nuh mean seh mi tek diss/And mi know how fi move when tings get hectic!”

It proved to be an international hit, reaching chart positions in the UK and Guyana; the music video/short film (above) has garnered over 12,000 collective views on Youtube. Off the back of ‘Gangster Girl’s success, a phone company in Kenya made contact with the young star, seeking permission to use the song as a ringtone. The track worked to dispel some critics’ opinion of her image as being “too uptown” to be able to relate to the more intense dancehall crowd and culture. The marriage of the two worlds, so to speak, in this young lady is just one of the reasons why she is ‘different’!

Since then, Dolli has spawned more fan favourites with a slightly more risqué edge such as ‘Back Bencha’, ‘Yours’, ‘Vacuum Pussy’ and ‘Lingerie’. All of these singles have hit the #1 spot on the UK Dancehall Promo Chart and the latter currently holds that position.

Ms. Difference, who writes all of her material, reasons about her process of putting songs together: “There are various things happening around me that influence my writing; my family, personal triumphs and trials, struggles happening in my country. Sometimes I find inspiration at the beach, when I go there early in the morning or last thing at night or down by the river. Those are two of the tranquil places that spark inspiration and help me to really hold a meds. With that said, I never intend to just write a good song, it happens naturally.”

A digital EP is already in the works for Dolli, who describes this project as “showcasing my talent and making people know exactly who I am”.



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