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Dominican Republic considers allowing presidents to run for second straight term

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SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic  (AP) _ Lawmakers in the Dominican Republic are considering amending the Constitution to allow presidents to run for a second consecutive term.

Sen. Cristina Lizardo introduced legislation Wednesday to create a commission to study the issue, which has sharply divided the ruling party.

The legislation would allow President Danilo Medina to run for re-election next year. It would amend the Constitution adopted in 2010 under his predecessor, Leonel Fernandez, who was expected to run for a fourth term in 2016. Both men are from the Partido de la Liberacion Dominicana.

The ruling party began pushing the proposal after polls showed the incumbent had a better chance of winning in 2016. It needs a two-thirds vote in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies to pass. A vote has not yet been scheduled.

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