Dr. Jehphah Ford Passes The Baton Elevated To Higher Service.

April 13, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Photo: Dr. Jehphah Ford poses as he holds baby as his father in white long sleeve shirt looks on with pride. It was the Christening of Foster’s baby. Dr. Ford played many roles. Photo contributed by Foster Shots.

Ford Served Selflessly 

It has been a tremendous loss to the medical profession the death of Dr. Jehphah Ford. We all know Dr. J. Ford a most compassionate man who has passed after a relatively brief illness. Dr. Jehphah Ford can best be described as a humanitarian for whom money meant very little. He was known to serve without counting the cost. His passing has left many most distraught.

Dr. Jehphah Ford, 67 leaves twin brother  Dr. Jehphah Ford to mourn his death along with close family, vast array of friends and well wishers.

Reacting to the passing his twin brother Dr. Jehphah who is also a medical doctor

said inter alia:

“My brother was relatively healthy and had fallen ill suddenly.”

The late and very approachable Dr. Jehphah Ford always reached out to the poor and marginalized,  even doing so without ever causing a fanfare. He was by no means a perfect man, but was known to be dignified.

Political Work

Dr Jehphah Ford was hewn from that breed of individuals who saw political activism as a route to social transformation of a society.  He unsuccessfully ran for political office for the people’s National Party (PNP) on two occasions. If he felt passionately about an issue he would put his all into it.  He was also a businessman who ran a very successful tyre operation that opened 24 x 7 all year round.  His vision and mission had no bounds.

Legal Problems

Dr. Jehphah Ford was appealing a conviction imposed by Judge Simone Wolfe Reese for two counts of perverting the course of justice.  He was on bail pending Appeal. A bond of one million was set. It is not immediately clear if the appeal was heard prior to his death.  He had other run ins with the law.

Dr. Ford’s motto must have been:

“Service to humanity is the best work of life .”

A line of the Jaycees Internal (JCI) Creed.

Reacting to his death Honourable Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, Gender, Sports and Culture Minister said:

“I am shocked, and saddened at the sudden passing of Dr. Jehphah Ford. He was my good friend and a friend of the people.  We have lost a Jamaican who truly cared about our people and their wellbeing”

Concluded Minister Grange.

Gone too soon. May the soul of Dr. Ford rest in peace and light perpetual shine on him.  May the angels come to greet him and usher His faithful servant Dr. Ford into the Holy City, Jerusalem.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who was well known to the late Dr. Jehphah Ford also mourns his passing. 


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