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EarthKry Announce USA Tour Dates Alongside Katachafire

MPR CONSULTING – Arguably one of Jamaica’s most touring self-contained band, Roots Rock Reggae band Earthkry amid their summer 2019 tour have announced fall dates as special guest of GRAMMY-nominated Katchafire tour.

Two times the charm as Keyboardist Phillip Mcfarlane, Vocalist/Guitarist Aldayne Haughtron, Drummer Kieron Cunningham and Bassist Kamardo Blake previously joined legendary New Zeland’s band Katchafire as special guests on their “Legacy Love Today” tour in Australia. There EarthKry were introduced to a new land and new music lovers that quickly became fans, and a strong musical friendship was bridged between both bands who strive to keep reggae music alive!

Adding to their full summer dates, EarthKry will join Katchafire from August 21st in Arizona to September 15th in Washington. (see full dates below)

Katchafire is like family, last year we played about 22 shows in Australia as their guests, so we formed a bond. Joining them again feels like a family reunion and we invite everyone to join us and be a part of it”. explained Phillip McFarlane.


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