Entertainment Perspective: The Pusha T vs Drake Feud

Entertainment Perspective 
As the gig with Pusha T got violent at that most recent stage show … details are rather sketchy.  It is time for both hip hop artistes to bury the hatchet.  Location was not ascertained but somewhere like Canada seem to be the country.  Toronto On. is the likely venue.
Paternity Issue
These two top stage craftsmen have been feuding for some time now.  Pusha T has long time ago accused Drake of being a “deadbeat dad” for not owning up to fathering a son with now ex porn star.  Drake has since owned up to the child but claimed he was keeping the child hidden to protect the child from harassment etc.
Drake Has Identity Issues?
Drake’s father apparently did not own him at birth. Drake is believed to be fathered by a black Catholic male and a Jewish mother.  Due to Brake’s shin tone he is at times confused as white.  This makes Drake feel that he is not an authentic black person. Pusha T seem to be playing on this fact of his paternity and mother’s ethnicity. This issue coupled with Drake’s failure to not readily own up to his son has become fertile grounds for personal attacks by Pusha T et al against Drake.  Pusha T seems to Drake’s main antagonist.
Drake and his dad have settled their differences and are united.
The story of “adidon” an alleged signing with sport giant Adidas and part of Drake’s son’s name Adenois.  Time nor space will not allow for a detailed examination of this rather complex feud/beef between Pusha T and Drake which is about ten years old.  “Other personalities like Kanye West’s charity, Kim Kardashian, Whitney Houston’s family, adult film stars and secret children” … see the internet for the full story: https/ww complex.com/music/20.
Pusha T’s ribbing of Drake is in your face while Drake’s is more subliminally done.  Feuding between rappers and dancehall artistes is nothing new  … Fifty cents and BIG readily come to mind. Bounty killer and Ninjaman are also well known.  It lends excitement to the entertainment industry if properly managed. Whether subtle or otherwise feuding does exist.  Copyright infringement seem to be an added feature of the Pusha T/ Drake fued complexity.
It is the first time that this feud has become violent.  A patron is now being treated in Hospital with what is being referred to as critical injuries as reported by CBC The National and Toronto local news outlets. We wish the victim speedy and complete recovery.  A knife is said to be the weapon that was brought into play. The show was eventually stopped after the knife attack according to eye witnesses. Police is investigating the disturbance and criminal attack. No arrests have been made.
Pasha T returned to the stage after the brief disruption and apparently blamed Drake for paying for the brawl or promoting the brawl.
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Pusha T accused Drake of fathering a child with a porn star.  Drake has been basically silent about this claim by Pusha T.  Could label issues be a problem also?
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC for Vision newspaper Canada.

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