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Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) Celebrates A One-Year Anniversary with significant milestones and pledges of additional supports for Black Canadian Entrepreneurs

June 3, 2022 | Crystal Hay |

Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) marks its one year anniversary on May 31, 2022 with a look back at several organizational milestones, and a pledge to expanded accountability for Canada’s Black Entrepreneurs for future. From hosting inaugural Masterclasses, back to back cross-Canada tours, and the recent opening of a Contact Centre, FACE is providing systemic change for Black-owned Canadian businesses through its Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund, which has approved a total of over $19 CDN million in national loans to date. From startups to existing businesses, FACE has over 16,000 registered Black-owned businesses on its platform and over 2,100 loan applications submitted.

Since its May 2021 inception, FACE continues to provide business solutions for Black Canadian owners of an array of products and services. In addition to an unprecedented loan fund targeting Black SMEs, FACE has established holistic support to drive generational Black wealth. This includes multiple masterclasses, various membership campaigns for testimonials, Small Business Week, International Women’s Day, and Mompreneurs respectively, increased leadership capacity, creating a top ranked podcast, instructional videos, application enhancements, official Senate presentations and more. There are additional resource offerings, along with a deeper commitment to members, upcoming in the year ahead.

“Whether it is services, resources, or data collection, FACE is constantly trying to find better and more efficient ways to operate and, especially, to serve its clients. FACE’s clients are the heart of what we do, and, in that regard, FACE must provide them with the best financial services possible. This is why innovation and governance will be at the forefront of everything FACE does in the coming years.  Although we are just getting started, I can confidently say that I am proud of the steps we’ve taken as an organization to achieve these goals.” – Tiffany Callender, CEO and Founder, FACE.

Last summer FACE crossed Canada with immersive, in person tours stopping in visiting multiple locations in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. Amplified on social media, each stop provided a platform for FACE leadership and members to listen and learn from each other.

For the original, ongoing and top ranked The Other Canada (TOC) Podcast series, guests represent a range of FACE stakeholders including partners, leadership, members and other story tellers. The recent roster includes Founder and CEO of BrandEQ, Nadine Spencer, who is also Secretary of the FACE board and President of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA), among others. Available on the FACE YouTube channel and co-hosted by Callender, conversations include tips for business growth, resilience, community cohesion and more.

Additionally, there are FACE Ecosystem Community Partners, who comprise over 20 national organizations. Consisting exclusively of Black business partners, they provide mentorship, business planning, networking and more. Just a few of the names aboard the ecosystem are the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA)Dream LegacyGroupe 3737, and Africa Centre with many more to follow as the overall FACE ecosystem grows in 2022 and beyond.

“We’re ecstatic to become a part of this movement to get capital to our community…FACE is not only helping us with funding, but the eco-system they’ve connected us with has critical training and resources to help us develop as a company and improve our product and service offerings”, Andrea & Kemba Kean, Kean Real Estate Group.

FACE’s delivery capacity throughout this inaugural year has been facilitated with some of Canada’s top firms, including MNPBDCEquifaxErnst and Young, and Deloitte, along with federal support from Corporations Canada.

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