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Freaky male DJ records pro oral sex songs

freaky dancehall

Dancehall singjay J Amsterdam has created history as the first Jamaican dancehall artiste to record and release songs admitting to having performed oral sex.

According to the Portmore-based singjay, who is currently promoting oral sex in his single Gyal Come Wine Inna Mi Face, he is the Messiah for oral sex practitioners.

“Dancehall has reached a place where it is now ripe for a male artiste to come out and explicitly reveal his liking and preference for oral sex because a lot of females in the dancehall space and clubs are enjoying getting oral sex. I consider myself the Messiah for the freaks. There is a stereotype in dancehall. That is why many male artistes who are doing oral sex don’t have the courage to come out, but I have the courage. I am a strong, motivated person, and that is why I decided to come out to express my preference for that lifestyle because it is a good lifestyle and it is a trendy topic in dancehall,” J Amsterdam said.

The Gyal Come Wine Inna Mi Face singer says he wants to be known as ‘the freaky artiste.’

“The persons in dancehall who are doing it are cowards, and so I am carrying this mantle, and from here on, I want to be known as the freaky artiste. I want to be the voice of those men who enjoy giving oral sex, and I want to be the voice of those females who enjoy receiving oral sex,” he said.

glorifying the practice

J Amsterdam says Vybz Kartel helped to revolutionise Jamaica’s view on oral sex, and he is now taking it a step further by glorifying the sexual practice in his songs.

“While there are people who demonise it, I am going to glorify it. Many marriages survive because of oral sex and many people get the nookie because of it,” he said.

The artiste also told The weekend STAR that he is prepared for the backlash that he will receive for his pro-oral sex music. J Amsterdam believes there exists a market for music about oral sex and has singled out female dancehall artistes like Tiana, Destiny Sparta, D’Angel, Angelina, and Ce’Cile as ‘freaky’ recording artistes with whom he wants to collaborate.

“This opens the doors for bookings. If you have a freaky show, just call J Amsterdam, 856-2491, or I think adult clubs will benefit tremendously from me. I know there is a market for me out there, and Come Wine Inna Mi Face is the first of many to come. Right now, I am unsigned because of lack of financial support, but I will be a force to be reckoned with,” J Amsterdam said.

The singjay currently has songs like Tongue Ring, No Panty Day, Please Put Your Chocolate in My Mouth, andChampagne Kisses.

J Amsterdam is also encouraging actor Bad Boy Trevor to start a record label with a freaky name, as well as host an event called Come Wine Inna Mi Face Wednesdays, hosted by him, (J Amsterdam).

“How can you not love a woman in a very short mini-skirt and you walking on your knees and able to just creep up from behind her and give her a doggy style (oral sex). that’s like the slammer – having that big chocolate booty twerking in your face,” J Amsterdam said with a laugh.



[VIA – Jamaica Star]

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