Fully Bright Column: Babsy Grange is Bashment

April 26, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

There is, I suppose, two words which some Jamaicans tend to use wildly, Bash and Bashment. I would want to believe that they cannot, and will never draw a clear distinction between bash, which means to speak Ill of, and bashment, which has to do with fun and good times.

Whenever I think of Babsy it’s hard not to think of Culture with its merriment and Sports with the excitement surrounding sprinters, like Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

Babsy is all about Culture, Sports and more.

Now, take the case of a man who looks at some blocked drains in Spanish Town and decided to bash Babsy.  But, he goes even further to rip some cloth which are no longer sold in Downtown, Kingston.

If he had known, just a speck of Bashment Babsy records, he would have shut his Fully Dunce mouth.

Just minutes before, that same man had hurled the patty bag and empty juice box in the nearby gutter.

These are the people one should try to avoid. They want Bashment Babsy to put them in a job. And, should you look at their application forms, you would be surprised that instead of ticking male as sex, writes about 200 times, which is the number of times they have had sex.

That’s what I call FULLY DUNCE.

Bashment Babsy must send their children to school; bury dem dead, give them house and furniture and enough money to buy a bucket of KFC every night.

Those who cuss or bash Bashment Babsy for not taking up their responsibility had better stay home next election ’cause Bashment Babsy will never be able to give everyone a house, proper roads and running water. She won’t be able to give everyone books and lunch money to go back to school.

Cuss for all you can because you will never be able to take away her accolades.

Bashment Babsy is one of the longest serving members of Parliament, spanning some 26 years. She was appointed  Minister of Information, Youth, Sports and Culture with responsibility for Women and Gender Affairs, Entertainment, Community Development and Special projects in 2007; served as Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister 1985-1989; a Government senator and Parliamentary Secretary for information and Culture 1983 to 1985.

The present Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports (since 2016). She managed Shabba Ranks, Cobra and Patra to name a few, and was appointed the Caribbean community (CARICOM) first champion for Culture with responsibility for advocating among other things, capacity building for cultural industries, cultural institutions and individual artiste.

She was also awarded the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD), for her contribution to the Jamaican Music Industry, Cultural Development and Public service.

I could continue, but let the rest reign for another season.

Bashment Babsy is comfortable where she is among the youths and she is good at motivating them.

Call her whatever you may, Bashment Babsy, Bashment Granny or Bashy Babsy, but keep your rudeness to yourselves.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at jfpipeace@gmail.com

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