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Fully Bright Sparks Hit Park Hall Primary

March 22, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

If you really love to sing, you would still be singing, oh what a day, when the Fully Bright team landed at Park Hall Primary in Clarendon.

Dr. Garth McDonald, the architect of the roving Fully Bright initiative, landed at Park Hall Primary where nature seems to cushion this institution.

“From where we stood uphill, one could see the deep valleys in far distance and of course the winding roads. Apart from this, it was the smiling faces of children which greeted us.

They were brought out from their classroom desks and chairs and were waiting for us. And, when that time came, we got a welcome as warm as a hot cup of chocolate tea.”

Dr. Garth McDonald stepped out with his Fully Bright motivational speech, engaging students, who answered the meaning of being Fully Bright.

Having energized their brains with the importance of education, the Doc. performed his Fully Bright song, while dancers Wassdemm and Anna hit the scene with their Fully Bright dance moves.

Students performed Fully Bright items, which included poems and received well- deserved applauses.

Over Ten Fully Bright certificates were awarded as outstanding students in areas including, being courteous, kind and punctual.

Supa Pea

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