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GOVANA x SHANEIL MUIR – MANNAZ (Official Music Video)

July 3, 2022 | By Zhane Squire | Today, dancehall star Govana released another music video.  The video and single, titled “Mannaz” features female artiste Shaneil Muir.

Govana is back with his theatrics in this one and the fans on his youtube channel seem to like it. Govana and Shaneil Muir seem to be a good fit together.

Some of the comments from his over 200,000 subscribers so far are;

“This is definitely a hit! Bravo, Bravo! The Producer is due recognition for this Epic Epic Epic masterpiece of Pure genius creative rhythm. Both artist have definitely come together to deliver this catchy tune. All said both Artist are masters of the Music Arena and deserves the highest praise.” says YouTube user @igivezero.

“Fancy cat ago always be a watchie Video shot bredda!!! Respect the creativity” says YouTube user @Tev Tev

“This is like a movie. Never a better duo. Top Gyal 🇯🇲” says YouTube user @dominique Sparkle

Check out the video below.


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