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Gyal Ediot Drops “Kut Dem All Off” Single

October 27, 2020 | Susan Smith |

Dancehall artiste Gyal Ediot has a brand new single on the streets, aptly titled “Kut Dem All Off.” Released in July 2020, the track was produced by Spanish Town-based production label, Hitman Lee Musik.

“It is all about people who aren’t really with you, some non-progressive people who see you moving up in life and they wish you bad,” the artiste explained about the song’s meaning, “it’s about cutting off all those bad energies, whether they’re from relationships, friendships, etc.”

Since its release, the track has been doing exceptionally well, particularly on social media, with many listeners leaving rave reviews and expressing their connection to the song’s lyrics as well.

Many may recognize Gyal Ediot by his former stage name, Sarge, under which he was half of comedy duo, Apache Chief and Sarge. Since the passing of Apache Chief in 2013, the late comedian’s son, Apache Kid, has continued his father’s legacy and along with Gyal Ediot, the duo continue to release regular comedy skits.

Music has been a part of the artist’s life for over two decades.

“Music was my first passion; I won a scholarship from the Tastee Talent competition and I also won a scholarship to the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where I started voice training in 2003. With a distinctly Dancehall sound that occasionally crosses over into other genres, his past tracks include “Last Nite”, “Neva Know” and “Money Mi Wah.” Originally from Spanish Town in Jamaica, the artiste is now based in Canada, where he is doing his part to make a mark with Jamaican music.

“Canada is not like Jamaica but it is growing; Jamaica is the ultimate place for Reggae and Dancehall music,” the artiste elaborated.

The artiste is continuing his musical endeavors with a brand new track titled “Fools Fall In Love” which is expected to be released soon, as well as an accompanying music video for “Kut Dem All Off.”

Susan Smith is a Public Relations Manager with Powerhouse Global Media

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