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Hip Hop Artist Mr. Doo Featured on Sony Orchard Records Artist Chief Reckah “We Goin Rise”

January 3, 2023 | By Sasha Stoltz |

Toronto, On – Canadian Rapper, The 6ix’s UnderGod AKA Mr.Doo started 2023 with a new single and video release feature, “We Goin Rise” with Sony Orchard recording artist Chief Reckah, available now on all music platforms. Following a string of hits the Scarborough hometown Rapper released his new single and music video in celebration of being on the other side and new beginnings.  The Rapper’s music is a blend of old school and new school Rap.  Known for representing the sound of his community and generation, Mr. Doo takes seriously the role of inspiring his fans with every single, video and stage performance.  Having mentors in his own life’s journey, the artist and songwriter knows the impact they can have and paying forward is a given for the Canadian Rapper. 

“We Goin Rise” is the artists message of hope and strength following the stress of the past two years pandemic lockdown and the toll it took.  From family hardships to suicide, the stress was real.  “We Goin Rise” preaches resilience and finding your way.   Passion for success has always driven the Scarborough Rapper, but not just his own, his children’s. His role as a father weighs heavily & the responsibility a staple.  With that in mind, Mr. Doo’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and the artist successfully opened his own clothing and merch business.  There are many paths towards our destination and the Rapper is proof you can make them all work.  “We Goin Rise” lets us know we are not alone…. inner strength exists in all of us.   

Chief Reckah and I wanted to reassure people that we will come out on top and rise to the occasion, maintaining our homes, our way of life and most importantly our kids’ homes and way of life.  We are soldiers of the people.”        Mr. Doo 

“We Goin Rise” is available now, on all major music platforms.  

 Watch “We Goin Rise” Video Below: 

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One thought on “Hip Hop Artist Mr. Doo Featured on Sony Orchard Records Artist Chief Reckah “We Goin Rise”

  • Dope track guys I’m a rapper from Niagara falls Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 just listened to ur track ,we Goin rise, dope love the old school flow which I’ve been trying to keep alive as well 905 to the 416


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