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Hoodcelebrityy Gone Bad with New Single “Good Girl”

NEW YORKMarch 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Known for captivating music lovers with her infectious hooks recording artist Hoodcelebrityy seamlessly meshes her Portmore and New York City upbringing through catchy bangers. Set to release her single “Good Girl” on KSR label, Hoodcelebrityy shares a sentiment so many can relate to.

The new single “Good Girl” co-written by Josh X, was produced by James “DJ SwanQo” Steed and Matt “Sean Island” Allen, reflects on how people contemplate on removing themselves from an unhappy situation. “In life we all seem to come to a crossroad where we must make the decision to leave the past behind us, walk away and make a change in our relationships – with friends, family or significant others,” said Hoodcelebrityy. “But sometimes that change makes us feel as if we are changing for the bad or must hurt someone to put an end to a messed-up situation. Never make a good girl go bad.”

“Good Girl” showcases Hoodcelebrityy’s duality. A smooth and seductive record which contains dancehall patterns accompanied by an R&B vocal. “Good Girl” once again finds Hoodcelebrityy sharing her heart and mind, as she navigates through life and the various relationships she encounters.

Hoodcelebrityy’s willingness to continue to be open about personal experiences has captivated a massive and continuously growing audience. “I express myself through my music and share things that many are not talking about,” she says. Before “Good Girl” Hoodcelebrityy has garnered millions of streams by empowering women with songs like “Walking Trophy”, “So Pretty”, “Champion” and more vulnerable tracks like “Ungrateful” and “Daughters Cry”, just to name a few.

“Good Girl” is another testament to Hoodcelebrityy’s work ethic and unflinching introspection. Few artists can turn personal experiences and uplifting messages into universal hits, but Hoodcelebrityy has done it again.

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