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In Haiti capital, anti government protest turns violent as 3 people shot


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti _ An anti-government protest in Haiti’s capital has become violent as three people have apparently been shot in a volatile neighbourhood.

Tuesday’s march began peacefully when a crowd grew to a few thousand people in slums that are opposition strongholds. But as demonstrators walked through Delmas 32, the critics of President Michel Martelly’s administration and pro-government residents began throwing rocks at each other.

During the melee, an Associated Press reporter witnessed three people apparently getting hit by bullets. One was shot in the neck and appeared gravely wounded.

As a panic ensued, Haitian National Police fired tear gas and most demonstrators dispersed. Authorities made no immediate comment about the shootings.

Even after the violence, nearly 1,000 protesters continued their Tuesday march demanding Martelly’s resignation, among other things.

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