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Ironshore/Quebec Avenue Roadway In St. James Renamed ‘Dr. Horace Chang Boulevard’

The roadway running from the Ironshore/Quebec Avenue intersection into the community of Norwood in North West St. James has been officially renamed the Dr. Horace Chang Boulevard, in honour of the National Security Minister.

A ceremony, organized by the St. James Municipal Corporation to commemorate the change, was held at the roundabout in Ironshore, where the roads intersect, on January 9.

The popular thoroughfare also serves as a bypass road for motorists entering and exiting Montego Bay.

Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang (5th left), and Custos Rotulorum for St. James, Hon. Bishop Conrad Pitkin (5th. right), unveil the sign at the roundabout at Ironshore, St. James, commemorating the renaming of Quebec Avenue as the Dr. Horace Chang Boulevard on January 9.

Speaking at the ceremony, Montego Bay Mayor and Corporation Chairman, Councillor Homer Davis, noted that the roadway was conceptualized and built by Dr. Chang in his capacity as Member of Parliament for North West St. James.

He said based on the extent of the Dr. Chang’s stewardship in the constituency, particularly in Norwood, the decision to rename the road, “while he is still around to appreciate the fruit of his hard work”, was deemed fitting.

The Mayor noted that scores of inner-city students have benefitted from assistance which Dr, Change has provided via his constituency development fund, adding that a number of them have gone on to make something of their lives.

“The St. James Municipality [therefore] passed a resolution, giving the greenlight for the renaming of the road in honour of a great Jamaican…a great visionary and an outstanding son of Montego Bay,” the Mayor said.

For his part, Custos Rotulorum for St. James, Hon. Bishop Conrad Pitkin, noted that Dr. Chang had the vision to upgrade the Quebec Avenue route to a bypass which could be used by motorists seeking to escape the morning and evening traffic congestion, while entering or exiting Montego Bay.

Against this background, he said it was fitting that the road be renamed, adding that “I join hands with those who feel that this honour is richly deserved”.

For his part, Government Senator, Charles Sinclair, pointed out that when the resolution was moved in the Municipal Corporation, “it immediately got the kind of bipartisan support, befitting someone who is highly respected across party lines”.

In his response, Dr. Chang said he was humbled by both the honour and the outpouring of love, adding that he was proud of how Montego Bay has grown over the years to now being one of the most influential cities in the Caribbean.


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