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Jahazeil Celebrates, Through The Storm

Jahazeil, son of Grammy winner Buju Banton, Is celebrating a major milestone in his music career. One of his latest projects, “Through the Storm,” has amassed close to 200,000 video views on YouTube.

The song, released September 1, 2023 is produced by Double Traxx, New York.

“I really feel I am getting more love from my fans who have been increasing throughout the years. This is the first time one of my video has received so much attention. I am sure it will only get better for the rest of the year.

“I am all for conscious music, and I try to keep in touch with whatever is happening around, so I can be considered a heartbeat of current events.

“There are people going through storms; these come in many forms. I just want them to know that they have to stand firm.

“As artistes, we must try to encourage those who have fallen on hard times to break this cycle of misfortune. Music is so powerful that it continually heals our wounds.

Jahazeil explains that several of his songs are motivational, which we all need.

“When I did “Hold On”, produced my Grammy winning producer, Delly Ranks, it was because I know many people, including myself, could identify with the message. This was a song for the world; a song for all seasons because we need to overcome our difficulties.

Jahazeil born Jahazeil Myrie, has recorded more than 10 songs. These include “At My Door”, a combination with Spragga Benz: “Leave Dem Alone”, “No More”, “Best of Me”, “Left To Right” and “After The rain.”

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