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Knix announces Gabrielle Union as Global Brand Ambassador and debuts a new brand tagline “Knix For Life.”

TORONTO, /CNW/ — Category defining intimate and apparel brand Knix is thrilled to announce actress, producer, and best-selling author, Gabrielle Union as their newest Brand Ambassador. Knix will debut this partnership with their new campaign and tagline “Knix for Life.” This new brand mantra showcases the brand’s mission to provide products for every age and every stage of life all while breaking down barriers and taboos and being a voice on topics that matter to their community.

Gabrielle Union becomes Knix’s newest Global Brand Ambassador since their $400M acquisition by Essity in September 2022. Since then the brand has experienced double-digit profitable growth and surpassed the 3 million customer mark.

“I’m proud to be working with a brand like Knix,” says Gabrielle Union. “Their mission to inspire people to live unapologetically free, at any age and any stage is what resonated with me most. Because when I stopped caring about what everyone else thought, and leaned into what I thought – that’s when I felt empowered and free.”

“I created Knix because I was tired of brands limiting women to one narrow image. We’re more than just sexy or sporty; we’re multifaceted,” says Founder and President of Knix Joanna Griffiths. “Gabrielle is the quintessential modern woman proving that we exist outside of a singular definition. Knix for life is about defying stereotypes no matter the stage or age you are in. I’m proud to support her and all women with products that match our dynamic lifestyle.”

Gabrielle Union’s commitment to authenticity is without compromise, and her values to be her genuine self make her the perfect Knix Brand Ambassador. Gabrielle first worked with the brand when she contributed her personal experiences and images to Knix’s Life After Birth book which was published by Rizzoli in 2021. The book presents an entirely new look on the postpartum experience drawing on the collective stories of everyday people and celebrities like Gabrielle and more.

Over the last decade, Knix has built a foundation of supporting and celebrating all bodies exactly the way they are – whether they sweat, bleed or leak. Knix’s product line covers various categories such as intimates, activewear, swimwear, and shapewear, reflecting their commitment to being there for every stage, every activity, and every day of the month. As the leading leakproof brand in North America, Knix stands at the forefront of innovation and being a catalyst for change within the intimate and apparel industry.


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