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Lykle Mystic does Murder she Wrote with a different message


KINGSTON, Jamaica — One of the world’s unresolved atrocities inspired singer Lykle Mystic to record the song Murder She Wrote, which was recently released.

Unlike the 1993 hit of the same name by Chaka Demus and Pliers, Mystic’s version looks at female genital mutilation which is widespread in Africa.

“I was first exposed to this cruel experience while reading a male magazine in 1982. The shock took the surprise to a level of pure discontent,” Mystic said.

It was not until late last year that he decided to express his dismay in song. Produced by Ziggyblacks Productions, Murder She Wrote was released digitally with particular emphasis in Africa where genital mutilation and violence against women remains astonishingly high.

“The song is not getting promotion at all in Africa. That is what I and Ziggyblacks is hoping for now, some strong assistance in all of Africa, because this is a great, big problem,” said Mystic, a Jamaican artiste based in Panama.

A tribal ritual in many African countries, mutilation of the female genitals has been widely condemned by organisations like the United Nations and women rights groups. Some groups have visited the continent and urged governments to put measures in place to stop the practise.

The Kingston-born Mystic’s previous songs include Shotta and Behold. His debut album, Solvation, was released last October.


[VIA – Jamaica Observer]

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