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Macka Diamond Remembers Deejay Merciless as, “Gal Dem Gizzada”

July 26, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Female dancehall artiste Macka Diamond, whilst mourning the loss of fellow deejay Merciless, remembers him as , “Gal Dem Gizzada” – a song made popular by the deejay.

Last Tuesday, the entertainment fraternity was plunged into darkness when news began circulating that Merciless – a popular deejay from the 90’s – was found dead in a motel along Walker’s Avenue off Beechwood Avenue , kingston.

It was not unusual for Merciless to stay at that hotel  whenever he had studio sessions in Kingston. However, prior to the incident, a number of calls sent to his phone went  unanswered and that aroused suspicion. A search  led  to the hotel where  his Honda motor car was found.

Reports from the.police are that they were called to the location where Merciless ‘s body was found.The police have ruled out foul play as evidence shows that  the circumstances of his death was of natural cause.

According to Macka Diamond,”it is becoming harder each day to come to grips with Merciless’s  passing.

Right now my headspace is not here and I really don’t know when it will come back.”

Tracking her memories of the deejay  she says “as  a female entertainer, I  could depend on Merciless to give me a  strength as him love to help people.”

The Clarendon- born deejay did not break his promise when he told Macka Diamond, don’t worry yuhself, I will be there at your birthday bash

“The day came and guess who turn up, it was Merciless. I was one of the happiest person that night. He gave the crowd hit after hit and the crowd loved every moment.”

She named  her favourite songs as, “Gal Dem Gizzada, “Mavis,”  “Lend Out Mi Mercy,” ” Mama’s Cooking” and “Mr. Houdina.”

His attraction to women was unquestionable and Macka Diamond could say why. “Me call him the girls’ man in the business’ cause everywhere the women are that’s where Merciless wants to be, so expect him to start an argument and you got to give him your attention.”

Merciless first recording was “Lend Out Mi Mercy” in 1994. His albums include  “Mr. Merciless”, “Flesh and Ink” and ” Step into My World”. He is remembered for his lyrical clash at Sting 2000 when he took on Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Ninjaman all at once and won in fine style.

Macka Diamond born Charmaine Munroe is from Portmore, St. Catherine. She took on the  moniker Lady Mackeril before rebranding as Macka Diamond.

Some of her songs include “Bun Him” ft. Blacker, “Hula Hoop,” “Dye Dye,” “Cow Foot” and “Back It Up” ft. Chivea.

She has been kept busy this season doing back-to- back shows, one being Alkaline New Rules Festival at the National Stadium.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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