Marcus Garvey’s Name Being Cleared

The Governor General in his Throne Speech has publicly stated that it is the government’s mission to have the stain of the wrongful conviction of Jamaica’s National Hero The RT. Excellent Marcus Garvey’s name cleared.

The United States Government is being lobbied to make this happen as a matter of urgency. There was massive applause by members of the Senate and Parliamentarians assembled.

Marcus Garvey’s Name is long overdue to be cleared and it would be a great achievement if this happened in our Jubilee Year … Jamaica 60


We hope this injustice will be cleared up as a matter of urgency. Racism was the backdrop for this criminal conviction. Black lives now matter more than before.

George Floyd

The conviction of Derek Chavin, killer of George Floyd was a step in the right direction.

I was in Parliament and filed this report on Garvey’s name clearing.

“It made me feel good as a person of colour.”

Stay tuned to Vision for the latest on this Garvey matter.

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie

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