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Nana EQ Sends Rita Marley “Gods Blessings” for 2024

Rastafarian singer Nana EQ is sending Rita Marley, “Gods Blessings” for 2024 and beyond.

“If one should ask, who is my greatest inspiration in music, It would have to be Rita Marley, and if it were not Rita it would be Bob Marley, one of the greatest reggae artiste the world has seen.”

Rita Marley born Alfarita Constantia Anderson met and married Bob Marley, February 1966, a union which created three children.

The Cuban born singer, song writer and entrepreneur, along with Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt formed the I-Threes backing vocalist for the band Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Among her accolades are the Order of Distinction (OD) and Order of Jamaica (OJ) conferred by the Government of Jamaica.

Rita now resides in Ghana.

According to Nana EQ, “I remember being attracted to the I Threes, but it was Rita Marley I admired the most.

“I loved Rita’s style of singing and the fact that she was singing from her heart. One could identity with her message because it was so compelling and powerful.

“Rita had me glued to her song, “Who Colt The Game” which I later covered and did so with much conviction that a lot of thumbs up was conferred on me just like Rita.

“People keep asking me the question, Who Colt The Game, and I usually returned the question to them which turns out to laughter.”

But, there were other songs Rita had done which inspired Nana EQ. “Who Feels it Knows It” is special because everyone feels their burden the heaviest, because it is their own personal pain.

“I watched Rita performed at Samsara Hotel, Negril back then in the nineties and It cemented what I had thought of Rita, which is her being a powerful songstress.”

Nana EQ also recalls rehearsing one of Rita Marley’s songs for a show.  “Rita who was there, came over and congratulated me. I felt so good. I promised to do as many covers by Rita. This did not materialize as my producer died, but I never- the- less continued to be inspired by Rita and covered, “One Draw” another of her songs.

Nana EQ, born Brenda Finlayson grew up in Sterling, Westmoreland. She released her first song, “I love you for So Many Reasons” on the Taxi label. Other songs include “Mama Seh,” “Kingston Town,” and “Tired Fi Pay Di Rent.”

She has performed alongside great reggae artists, including Gregory Isaacs and Burning Spear.

Her latest project is “Gods Blessings,” produced by Donroy Muziq a father Glenroy and son Savoy Donaldson Production.

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