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New Documentary Ties Poisonous Diets To Racial Inequality

They’re Trying To Kill Us documentary spotlights the single biggest threat to Americans of Color

LOS ANGELESOct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking new documentary, They’re Trying to Kill Us, features notable leaders and influencers from the fields of Hip Hop, medicine, sports, entertainment, policy, and politics weighing in on the singular most deadly threat to American society. And it’s not police brutality or firearms.

Co-directors John Lewis and Keegan Kuhn have teamed up to tell the untold story of the intersections of diet, disease, poverty, institutional racism, food deserts, government corruption and collusion with Big Food and the pharmaceutical industry. The film follows John from his upbringing in Ferguson as he seeks answers from experts as to why Americans of Color are dying from chronic diseases at often twice the rate of white Americans. Along the way he speaks with Hip Hop artists and celebrities who share their own personal experiences with how poor diets have led to a staggeringly high rate of deaths.

The film features interviews with Hip Hop artists, celebrities and medical professionals such as Ne-Yo, Mya, Dame Dash and Cedric The Entertainer. The film also features exclusive interviews with NBA All-Star Chris Paul and multiple Grammy Award Winner Billie Eilish, who are both Executive Producers on the film.

November 11 at 11am EST exclusively here 
$20 to download

Seeking a more efficient and equitable way to release the movie, the filmmakers are launching a “Cooperative Release” of the film, giving participants in the documentary and select influencers their own unique URL to the film’s purchase page and splitting the profits 50/50 for the first week of release. On the filmmakers’ side, they are giving their first $1,000,000 raised directly to charity.

To bring to light an important untold story at a point where humanity is hungry for social justice. Among the vital questions this film asks are:

  • Why are rates of chronic disease skyrocketing in communities of color?
  • What is behind the distrust of the medical profession in communities of color?
  • How can society come together to rectify the issue?

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